Our mission is to grow exponentially with our Clients by proving to them constantly that we are their best choice and at the same time we aim to play a major role in socio-economic development by doing whatever we can with whatever we have.

Fibric / Dying

Our fabric arrives as large roles of white cloth (ecru fabric) we then dye it with color , using our industrial machinery (finished fabric)

It’s not easy to find just the right color for you clothing line, especially when you are having low minimums, you are then forced to go with solid color fabric that are industry standards, but with us its different.

You can mention pantone color of your garment to be applied to a ready fabric and we can do that for you, we have systems that enables us to do it in a cost effective way for you.

Show what you really wanted to show the world with the clothing line we can do that, you just go ahead and tell us the pantone color.

Direct Color Dye, Reactive Color Dye, Tie Dye, Dip Dye, Neon Dyeing, Sulphate Dyeing, Yarn dye

Sampling / Cutting

We cut to the desired size specs & dimensions of the client’s wishes. we employ top level, & exact quality standards in our cutting, to suit client needs sampling & product development is a separate department.

Our team of sample makers work in correspondence with the client. garments & prototypes are tested & perfected in our state-of-the-art sample rooms. our team guarantee prompt shipping of samples. wherever you’re located, any idea you want – we can get it out to you within 3 days shipping


Our stitching machinery is made by the industry’s leading manufacturers:

Brother, Siruba, Typical, Juki, Kansai, Zoje

Qualified supervisors are inducted to manage every stitching line , ensuring max quality & efficiency our main stitching production dept is a skilled team of driven workers. they’re happy, and they want to work we use the most modern practices of operation man – agement to ensure a smooth flow of productivity

Finishing / Packing

Concerned with ensuring only the best quality items are sent out worldwide items are packed in the most presentable fashion please follow our customer packing instructions.

Logistics & Shipment

Our logistics department handles all the documents regarding shipping of the product. We ensure that we have the correct shipping documents and get prior approval from the client before and post shipment. This ensures trouble free delivery to the destination.

We also record our follow ups which saves time. The Kalim Textile sends out shipping advice with all relevant details of shipment to ensure smooth delivery.